Ranunculus “Inspiration”

Ranunculus are a very sweet way to add interest to your wedding flowers. They are not as commonly used as roses, but they give a similar look and come in just about as many colors.

Ranunculus are available mostly in the spring-time. Although they are out of season in the summer months, they do reappear in mid-fall through winter. Ranunculus are similar in price to roses, but are slightly smaller in size.

Here is a shot of a bridal bouquet that we did for a bride of ours just this past weekend. This very feminine bouquet was all ranunculus (about 36 stems).

Ranunculus are a great flower for mixed bouquets as well. They are featured here as a nice round alternate shape to mini callas and blue muscari.

Ranunculus are a great “inspiration” flower to use in your wedding or event!!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ranunculus bouquet. Thats my favorite flower. Thats why my blog is called “The Ranunculus Adventures!”


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