Timelines-Vendor Availability

Since the busiest time of the wedding season is fast approaching, Sisters Flowers wants to give a few tips about vendor bookings for summer and fall weddings.

We know a lot of wedding guides or books about wedding planning often give a timeline that suggests when to search for and book vendors in relationship to your wedding date. Many of these guides list wedding flowers as a “to do” six to eight months from the big day. Depending on what time of year and date the wedding is, that time frame can be accuarate. However, the spring and fall months are becoming just as popular as the summer once was.

June used to be the big month for weddings. Due to the wonderful St. Louis weather, (mainly the heat) months like April, May, September, and October are quickly becoming just as desirable, if not more desirable than the old standby. If you are planning a wedding in these months, especially around Memorial Day or Labor Day, many wedding florists may be booked a year or more in advance. The same is true for October. Even though it is just now eight months away, we have had bookings for many months and will soon be full.

Basically, the bottom line is, if you have certain vendors or aspects of your wedding that are important to you, don’t wait to schedule meetings. Don’t listen to some silly timeline if you will be disappointed without certain vendors. Even if your friends, family, and fiance think you are crazy to be shopping that far ahead, reassure them that you are “in the know,” straight from the Sisters Flowers blog!!