Centerpiece Trials

If you don’t think you have an eye for visualizing what you’ve picked for your wedding or event flowers, you might want to consider a centerpiece trial. For a minimal fee, Sisters Flowers offers this service as an option for our booked weddings or events.
We suggest these trials take place about a month from your event, in your event space, so you can get a feel for what the whole room will look like on the actual day. If possible, it’s helpful to do this during your tasting so that you can see the centerpiece on the set table with the linens you will be using. If needed, Sisters Flowers can also do centerpiece trials out of our “wedding cottage.”
Here is an example of a centerpiece trial that we did for one of our brides at Moulin, a one-of-a-kind event space downtown. This bride is considering doing two different centerpieces at her reception. The first is hot pink roses, submerged inside a rectangle vase. The second is orange tulips, curly willow, and lily grass submerged in a cylinder vase. Both centerpieces are great options for this space.

Centerpiece trials help to narrow down your options or confirm your choices.