Flat Tires & Fire Alarms- The Adventures of Sisters Flowers

Here at Sisters, we pride ourselves in not only our flowers, but on our ability to be organized and on time for every event. We always have back-up plans in case of slow traffic, weather-related issues, etc. But a recent Saturday brought up two unusual new scenarios none of us had ever experienced!!

When leaving for our last two set-up/deliveries of the day, we discovered that one of the vans (Emily and David’s), filled with reception flowers, had a flat tire in our driveway. Like a true champion, David, (with the help of John) got the spare tire on the van and enabled the delivery schedule to remain unscathed! Whew!!

Meanwhile, the second van (Shelly and Beth’s) headed out for the other remaining delivery/set-up. Shelly and Beth got to the hotel, and up to the top floor where the reception was being held. Then, they started the on-site production and centerpiece placement. About half-way through set-up, Beth heard a fire alarm!! Knowing not to use the elevators in a fire, Shelly and Beth found the nearest set of stairs (in the kitchen) and evacuated onto the parking garage near-by. Meeting up with Emily and David in the lobby, Shelly and Beth found out that the problem had been solved (no real fire) and everything would be back to normal shortly. All four Sisters staffers had a laugh and returned to the top floor. We finished set-up and decided that we did not even think of a fire alarm contingency!! 🙂

Even with a couple of unexpected hitches, Sisters Flowers pulled off another great weekend of weddings and no one was the wiser, until now….