“Ernestine, my bride, I love you so much…”

These were the words spoken by my 90-year-old grandfather last Sunday at 2:30pm. My grandmother and my cousin Sarah were each holding one of his hands. He passed away at 3:05. I am so thankful that he was able to say these words to my ailing grandmother, his wife of over 66 years. He was smart and alert right to the end (he was sitting up in bed reading the Sunday paper that very morning!).

As my children and I travel to his funeral, it causes me to reflect on those things that are important and long-lasting on this earth. My dear brides, your wedding day is special and important, no doubt. But I wish you deeper things than a gorgeous, fun wedding: May you dance at the wedding celebrations of your grandchildren. May life give you challenges that show you and your husband that your relationship has the staying power you hoped for. May you see your great-grandchild born, grow and mature into young people of whom you are very proud.

Planning your ceremony and reception is difficult and sometimes stressful, but remember to keep your focus on the important things. When you are at the end of this life, you will not care that your flowers were not the exact shade of pink that you had in your mind, or that the DJ played the hokey-pokey when you asked him not to at your meeting 8 months ago, or that Uncle Fred got a little too tipsy at the reception and told your new in-laws about the time you were 5 and shoved a pea up your nose at the Thanksgiving dinner table. These are not the enduring things that define your life. Have the best, most gorgeous wedding you can, for sure. But be ready for 60+ years of ups and downs, a lot of joy, some sadness, and a lot of surprises along the way.

All the best! – Emily

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  1. Emily,
    I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather. What a blessing to have the love of your life there after 66 years!

  2. Emily, my bride, that is a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. He was very proud of you. Your house is built on the Rock.

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