Summer Fun

Weddings can be beautiful and LOADS of fun! Here are some great shots of a wedding we helped out with this past May. Bright flowers and bright personalities!!

All photos courtesy of Bobbi Brinkman Photography.

We picked this picture out with John, Emily’s husband, in mind!! Stretch Jag!! Nice!

Girls just wanna have fun!!

Skaters at the Muny. Just part of the show.

Bride’s can be skaters, too!

Best wishes to the newlyweds from all of us at Sisters Flowers!

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  1. Are you kidding me?? I couldn’t GET a better compliment than that you are a little bit proud. You are my mentor and friend and totally the inspiration behind my business!!!! If Oakes Fields turns out anything like Sisters I will be completely delighted. So much of what I do is a knock off the Sisters block. We even use the same clear boxes for bouts and corsages. Teehee!! I miss you. And yes…how did you know the flowers were “a little too purple”??? I need ONE more thing in the contract about that. contract is going to be like 200 pages long.

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