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We know that there are a lot of choices to be made when it comes to planning a big event like a wedding. There are venues to consider, linen colors to think about, food, and decor. In a large city like St. Louis, the selection of vendors can seem overwhelming! While there are many florists to choose from, Sisters Weddings & Events is a company that sees each design through every step of the planning process. We feel, this is what separates us from the rest.

Here at Sisters, when you come to meet with us at our “wedding cottage,” you will be meeting with Emily & Shelly. They will not only help you select flowers and get ideas in the first stages of your planning, but they will be there (along with their great staff!) on the big day to help execute every detail that you’ve been envisioning for months. Since the weddings and events we help design are our passion, the majority of our weekends are spent making the plans a reality. Therefore, fewer weekend consultations are possible. We do this not to exclude anyone, but to give the same service to our current brides as our future brides. Each and every one of our customers can count on us to be there to see things through. We make the time to be available for questions, changes, or new ideas every day during the week, some evenings, and weekends whenever possible.

When you meet with, call, or email Sisters, you are speaking and corresponding with the people who will design your bouquets, order your flowers, and drive them to your event sites. There are no middlemen or women here. If there is a wedding to service, we are there personally.

Weddings and events are our specialty, not just an occasional project or extra gravy on the side. Sisters is built on the experience of 500+ weddings and the referrals of many happy brides and their families. We appreciate each one of them as individuals and we were proud to be a part of that very special day in their lives. We look forward to meeting our future brides, designing our upcoming weddings, and continuing to do the work that we do best!

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  1. AMEN! Did this blog stem from an incident???

  2. nope – just explaining that we are a wedding & event florist and what that really means. (as opposed to an FTD florst like Walter Knoll, Schnuck's, Deirbergs, etc that sit down and take your order, hand the order to someone else to make and then yet another person (usually a delivery guy) drops the stuff off at the church and reception sites.

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