Thanks to our great staff!!

Now that the wedding season is winding down, we would like to thank our staff who helped us plan, design, and execute over 125 weddings and events so far this year. And what better way to thank them than to put their picture up on the world wide web!!!

Shelly, Christa, Beth, and Kirsten taking a quick second to pose while setting up a wedding.

Including Emily and David (not pictured here–lucky them!), this was our main crew for most of this year. We had some great times, some laughable times, and some not-so-laughable times, but we made this wedding season a success for Sisters! Thank you to all the ladies (and David) for being cheerful, smiling faces to work with who never left an event until the church was decorated, the buckets of flowers were carried in, and the last vase was filled. We appreciate you so much!!