Info About Centerpiece and Bouquet Trials

Occasionally, when we meet with a client/s, they will ask us about the possibility of seeing their bouquet or centerpiece before the big day. Sisters Flowers does offer both bouquet and centerpieces trials for our booked clients. As a courtesy, we only charge half price for our brides to see their arrangements put together, and the flowers are the bride’s to keep.

We recommend doing a bouquet trial at your final consultation so that any changes that need to be made for your flower order can be done at that time. We also suggest doing a centerpiece trial at your tasting or, if possible, at your venue so that you can see the final look. We require at least a week’s notice so that we can get the correct flowers and colors ordered.

Keep in mind, if you are using any seasonal flowers for your wedding, they may not be available to see at a trial, especially if the trial is more than a couple of months before the actual wedding date.

Sisters is confident in our style and design, but we do know the value of centerpiece and bouquet trials. For some clients, seeing their flowers before the wedding spoils the surprise for the actual day. For others, having an idea of what they can expect eases their minds and allows them to to enjoy themselves at their wedding.

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