A Rockin’ Rehearsal Dinner

This was pretty much the most unique and awesome rehearsal dinner that we have ever helped with!! These snapshots were taken this past Friday in the Wine Room at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton. Our bride and groom, Lorraine and Venson, had a creative way to tie their first date (at a concert) to their rehearsal dinner–use a few of Venson’s guitars from his collection and make them rotate on a bed of flowers! Easy enough!

Venson provided us with the rotating pedestals (and the guitars and stands, of course) and we went to work creating the look they wanted. We used 18″ wreaths packed with red carnations and black magic roses to make a mound of red flowers for the guitars to “float” on. Then, we covered the top of the pedestal with a thick bed of rose petals. Take a look at the result!!

Notice the other guitars in the background. Each table was different and each guitar was later embellished by the groom with pictures of family and friends.

This was a truly unique and personalized event! An awesome party for an awesome couple!! We did the flowers the next day for the wedding, so stay tuned!!