What’s Hot for Moms

Check out the new trend in Mother’s flowers for weddings. Most Moms these days want flowers that will compliment their outfit and designate them as important without getting in the way of their mingling and celebrating. We suggest a small clutch of flowers that can be held while going down the aisle and then can be placed by their seat at the reception. Lots of Moms would prefer to hold flowers rather than wear them on their wrist or pin them on their expensive dresses. A few Moms have told us that they are glad to have something to do with their hands as they are escorted to their seats!! Here are a few examples that we have done.

Just a few green cymbidium orchids to hold….

This Mom has four mini callas and looped lily grass.

Red roses are a classic choice.
This picture shows a Mom’s clutch bouquet in proportion to the bride and bridesmaid’s flowers.

This Mom carried the same roses that were used in her daughter’s bouquet.

When selecting flowers for YOUR Mom, consider giving them the option to carry a small clutch bouquet. It will be a pretty addition for your beautiful Mom on your special day.