Sisters Honored at 2010 ISES Awards!

Sisters Flowers had a great night last Friday! The annual ISES Awards were held, recognizing St. Louis wedding vendors. Sisters was asked to provide a few centerpieces for the tables and was nominated for an award. We were so thrilled to win “Best Florist” for an event with a flower budget $10,000 or less!! The icing on the cake was winning the award two years in a row! Here are some pics of the event.

The party was held at the Palladium with a Cirque du Soleil theme. Here are some set-up shots of the centerpieces we provided for the night.

Tall, rectangle vases were filled with curly willow branches, peacock feathers and purple tulips. Hanging on the outside of the vase were curly gold wires with purple dendrobium orchid blooms. We thought this was a fun way to stay with the Cirque du Soleil theme.

The Palladium looked awesome all decorated for the dinner! There were performers in costume and on stilts for the entertainment of the guests!
There were even female performers that did routines high above with nothing but flowing fabric holding them up!
The Sisters staff just had to get a picture with one of their favorite “stilt men” of the night! (From left to right-Shelly, Kirsten, Emily, Chelsea and Jennifer)

Our centerpieces looked great on the tables, too! It was fun to get to come back to an event and enjoy it, rather than set it up and leave before the event starts-like we do every other weekend!
We were a little nervous when it came time for the awards, but we were honored to hear our named called!!
Our table congratulates Emily and Sisters Flowers!
We were also thrilled to present two awards of the night.
Emily presented in one category………

…….and Shelly presented in another.

Both awards went to the staff at Exclusive Events!

It was a fun night and we were so happy to be there and to be honored. Thanks to all our brides and grooms and their families who make what we do possible!

Our staff rocks and our supportive families rock, too! We wouldn’t have success without all of you!!


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