A Week in the Life of Sisters!- Day 1, Monday

This week, we will be doing something different and fun on our blog! We recently took pictures every day for a week of what we do here at our design studio. Day by day this week, you will be able to take a look at how we organize and design for our weddings. From start to finish, we will show a week in the life of Sisters Flowers!

To Dos: Organize and Process Flowers

Most weekends, we have more than one wedding to design and service. To keep ourselves organized and running like well-oiled, flower-making machine, we color code our weddings. We assign a colored sticker to each bride and sort their flowers accordingly. Bouquet vases are labeled for each bouquet, and boxes are labeled for bouts. and corsages. Each label will have the person’s job that day (bridesmaids, usher, mom, etc.)

If needed, leaves for the backs of bouts. and corsages can be done ahead of time and put in the corresponding boxes.
We fill up buckets and wait for the flowers to arrive!

The flowers come in long boxes like these, packed and bunched. Now, the fun begins and buckets are filled!