Day 2- Tuesday

Tuesday TO DOs: Process any new flowers that come in and start to separate flowers for each wedding.

More flowers arrive! We unload them from their boxes and unwrap and process all of them. Each item we are expecting from market is checked off our flower list.

Shelly says flower processing is fun!

Once all of the flowers are processed, we start separating out the flowers for each individual bouquet and putting them in their designated, labeled vases. This particular week, that task took the rest of the morning!

Kirsten finishes the separating!

Once all the vases are separated, they all need to go in the cooler. We go from a very cold and empty cooler (as Chelsea demonstrates)……….
………to a very cold, FULL cooler!!
Time for a break!
After lunch, we typically work on any little things that can be finished ahead of time. This week, we had small cocktail vases of green spider mums that could be completed.

Messes are ALWAYS made in the work area! Clean up occurs many times in a day!

Since we have SO much flower waste, we separate out the organic material for a compost pile! Since Sisters is our name and labeling is our game, we are sure to put a sign on the trash can to help us remember!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s activities!

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