Day 3- Wednesday

Wednesday To-Dos: Process cherry blossom branches, start working on personal flowers, organize cooler!

This particular week, we have large centerpieces with cherry blossom branches. Even though it had been unseasonably warm, our supplier was able to secure us the very last of the season’s blossom branches. They came in and they were VERY, VERY tall!!!

Each branch needs to be re-cut, put in water and moved to the cooler to keep their blooms from dropping. The branches are so thick, that we use a small saw to trim each branch. Then, we organize the cooler and squeeze the branches in!!

In the middle of all of the branch hub-bub, another client of ours drops off some glass teapots for a fundraiser event we were doing the following week! There’s never a dull moment!!

Once all of the processing is finished, Kirsten and Shelly work on personal flowers. They are able to work on boutonnieres and some bouquets.

As the day draws to a close, Kirstin gets one more thing in the cooler! Tomorrow will be a big day!