Spotlight on lighting!

Lighting at a ceremony, reception or special event can make a huge difference in the mood of the party. The following images show centerpieces with and without pin-spotting. The first photo shows short, full arrangements on the tables without any special lighting or effects.

This image shows the same tables and centerpieces highlighted with pin-spotting.

The centerpieces are illuminated at each table and the lighting really showcases each piece. Pin-spotting can be fairly inexpensive and really makes an impact in your room. Consider using special lighting to highlight the special touches you have added to your event.

“Lighting makes the room. It evokes mood and feeling inside a room that otherwise could look a bit too dark or a bit too bright. The centerpieces on your table disappear when the sun goes down and the room gets dark but with pin spot lighting they are highlighted and make a statement all night.” -Ali Phillips, Professional Bridal Consultant and owner of Engaging Events by Ali

Photos provided by the fabulous Ali Phillips,