Four Different Bouquets

These are some great examples of different styles bouquets can have. We designed recently these for a wedding show we did at Scott Air Force Base.

The bouquet on the bottom right is a more contemporary and sleek look. It is simple, all white callas wrapped into a clutch.

This mixed bouquet has lots of texture in each individual flower to bring interest to the whole. It has orange spray roses, ivory stock, and purple dahlias.

This is a more traditional look using Esperance roses and white mini cymbidium orchids to accent. It is very lush and romantic!
This hydrangea and rose bouquet has a very gardeny look. It differs from the “normal” bouquet in that the shades of colors are more “clumped” together to make each one stand out.

All four bouquets have their own distinct characteristics. Often, it’s just personal style preference that chooses which type is best for a specific event.


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