Hanging Amaranthus

Hanging amaranthus can be used in a variety of ways. It’s long, hanging tendrils can give a lush and formal look as well as an organic feel. Here are some examples of how we have used it for wedding this past summer.

Green amaranthus was used around the outside of this bridal bouquet. It gave the whole bouquet a romantic, whimsical feeling.

The reception at the Ritz featured two tall centerpieces with hanging amaranthus. This is a great example of the amaranthus being used at a very formal event.

This reception in Forest Park also had green hanging amaranthus. Here it is used in a very gardeny way to accent the green in the arrangement.

Hanging amaranthus also comes in a burgundy color and is as versatile as the green. Just adding a hanging element to an arrangement can change the overall look of the piece.


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