Lilac and Sweet Pea in Summer!

No doubt the weather everywhere this year has been bizarre. The temperatures certainly affect the growing seasons of flowers in all parts of the world. The crazy weather has had some benefits, though. For example, a strange twist of fate made spring-time flowers available in June this year for one of our brides who really wanted sweet pea and lilacs. Second choice flowers were selected of course, but we ordered the spring blooms hoping for the best. When we found out that we could get them, we were so delighted! Here are some of our Sisters snapshots of the bouquets.

The lavender sweet pea is what really makes this bouquet unique.

The bridal bouquet was lush and gorgeous with it’s purple lilac accents. So soft and feminine.

Sisters Flowers own Jennifer was so happy to take our bride the bouquet of her dreams. What a happy flower coincidence!

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