Inspiration Pictures from Pinterest- The Price is in the Details

We say over and over at our studio that we really don’t know how our clients select the type, color, and style of their wedding flowers.  There are so many flowers to choose from and so many more options than there was just a decade ago.  Many of our clients use Pinterest and the internet to give them ideas of what they like and don’t like, but the options really are endless.  Once a client has settled on a picture or pictures that they are really drawn to, we do our best to pull off the same look and feel within the season and price range we are given.  Here is a picture of a bouquet that we recognize from some of our recent consultations:

This is a very beautiful example of the popular blush pink and ivory color scheme that a lot of our brides seem drawn to.  It is soft and lush and has just a hint of color.  The blooms you see are white peonies, blush pink astilbe, and white anemones with black centers.  These flowers work well together in this arrangement and are romantic and distinctive.  

If you are not a floral designer by trade, you wouldn’t know that all the blooms pictured have select seasons of availability and are very popular, making them high-end choices for a garden bouquet.  Because this bouquet’s background and base is all high-priced peonies, and the “detail” flowers that give the arrangement interest are medium to high priced,  this bouquet can easily be on the upper range or exceed many budgets.  Our rule at our studio is the bride should get what they want, regardless of price.  We can always make suggestions on cost savings elsewhere if the inspiration picture is exactly what the client wants.  However, if you are simply drawn to this photo or others like it, here are examples of other inspirations of a similar style that are more cost effective:

The first two photos are of the same bouquet.  In this design, peonies and anemones are still used, but the bouquet is backed with white hydrangeas to lessen the number of peonies needed.  It is still a very lush bouquet and the blush pink could be added with a filler flower or by changing the shade of the roses pictured.  The third image is a very similar bouquet but without anemones.  If they are not a deal-breaker for you, removing those blooms and adding hydrangea in the background can be a significant cost savings.  We just did a consultation with a bride that brought us the Pinterest picture with all the high-end elements.  Since she had a budget range that wouldn’t quite cover the inspiration picture, we made similar suggestions to save her almost 30% on her bouquet.  Although flower prices fluctuate in different markets and different seasons, just a few substitutions for our bride meant that she could still have the look and feel that she wanted without breaking her bank.  In a lot of cases, the price of an arrangement really boils down to the flower details- bloom varieties, demand within a season, and the quantity needed to achieve a look.  Flexibility is key when working within a budget AND a great inspiration picture.

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