Trendy Cascade Bouquets??

Often times, we hear clients refer to “old-fashioned cascade bouquets” as something outdated and not for them.  Recently, we have had an abundance of clients requesting and sending pictures of bouquets that definitely have cascade bouquet characteristics, but with a modern flair. We like to call them mock cascades.  These bouquets do have draping blooms and greenery and are not tight and round.  They have flowers that are more forward-facing as opposed to the hand-tied bouquet look.  However, they are not the old-fashioned teardrop shape and exhibit more of a natural, asymmetrical look.  These mock cascades take all the good points of the popular hand-tied and more traditional cascades and fuse them into something romantic, textural, and modern.  Here are some examples of a few mock cascades we have done just this wedding season.

This example uses the popular blush and ivory tones with natural greenery and soft blooms to create a look that is very unique and romantic.
This bridal bouquet is bright and exciting!  It has many different types of smaller flowers to create a “just picked” look straight from the garden.
The shape of this cascade is more compact than the previous examples, but is still very natural and asymmetrical.  This bouquet has peonies in the background to add to it’s lush beauty.

As we speak to more and more clients, we are seeing a trend towards a more natural feel and shape to bouquets and centerpieces.  We hope it continues as we really love this entire look and all that we can create within it!