Sisters is Now Offering Interactive Party Favors

“Action Stations” are becoming a popular addition to may parties and events.  These stations offer guests a chance to participate in a celebration like never before.  For instance, some guests may get to see their food made as they wait or observe cigar rolling for their take-home enjoyment.  Sisters Floral Design Studio has come up with their own version of this fun trend.  We now offer your guests a chance to learn how to arrange flowers right at your event– and we do all the work!

Here’s how it works:

The Design Studio staff will come to your party and bring all the supplies needed- flowers, containers, tools, etc.  We will set up in the designated area like we did here for a recent bridal shower at a client’s home.

Design Team member/s will stay to guide your guests in choosing a container, selecting flowers, and arranging them to take home.  It’s a nice little gift for them, but it’s not just flowers, it’s also the knowledge and experience of handling the flowers themselves!

The guests at this bridal shower really enjoyed the camaraderie with their fellow guests and family members.
Here is the guest of honor choosing her blooms with a smile!
The bride’s mother and grandmother got in on the fun, too!
Here are all the wonderful pieces the guests of the bridal shower created.  A fun time had by all!

Contact the Design Team to find out more information about our Interactive Party Favors for your next event!

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