Pantone Colors for 2016- Rose Quartz & Serenity

For those of us who use color as a large element of our occupation, the Pantone Color of the year can play a significant role.  Pantone is a color institute that is used as a reference for fashion design, interior decorating, paint tones, printing, and a variety of other color-based businesses.  Every year, they choose a color that is “a symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.”  This year, they have selected two colors- Rose Quartz and Serenity- as their colors of the year.

How does this affect wedding flowers?  Usually, we see an upswing of bridesmaids dresses, linens, or stationary accents in the Pantone shades after the color of the year selection is made.  This, in turn, affects the types and shades of flowers that we would recommend to coordinate with these elements.  There are several flower types that come in a Rose Quartz shade.  In comparison, the choices of blooms in a Serenity tone are much more limited.  There are simply fewer flowers that grow in any shade of blue, making it a challenge.  However, other cool tones could be added to this color palatte to give a larger range of flower selections.  For instance, shades of purple, lavender, and green would coordinate well in the cool color family,  Warm tones that could be added to the pair could range from cantaloupe to coral to red. 

Overall, the Pantone selections can be a fun way to choose your color scheme.  If you aren’t in love with this year’s shades, you can check out past year’s winners as well.  Have fun with color!

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