Spotlight on a Sister– Emily

We are taking the opportunity to focus on our fearless leader, Emily, this week on our blog.  Emily built Sisters Floral Design Studio from an existing retail store in 2001.  As she began to focus the business on mostly weddings and events, Sisters outgrew the retail end of the flower biz and is now a boutique floral design studio.  Here are Emily’s answers to some various fun and industry questions:

Q:  There are so many varieties of roses now.  Do you have a favorite?
A:  Yes!  Circus roses are one of my favorites.  Despite the silly name, they are a gorgeous bi-colored rose.  Actually, they are the ones in this picture.  They open so full and round and are fun to work into arrangements.

Q:  Do you have a preferred style of design- floral or otherwise?
A:  I live in a historic farm house from the 1800s, so I really embrace the rustic and natural beauty of my property.  This does spill over into what I like in flower design as well.  I enjoy loose greenery and lots of natural, wildflower textures.

Q:  What do you like to do when you are not designing flowers?
A:  I enjoy my family and my dogs.  🙂  I recently stepped into the world of venues.  With my historic home comes many acres of land. The natural beauty of the acreage lends itself perfectly to a venue for any type of event- from a dinner for two to a celebration for 200.  Heartland Estate is my new adventure.

Q:  What is some advice you can give to those shopping for special event flowers? 
A:   Always set your budget before setting up a consultation.  Tell the designer your budget, your colors, and your inspirations and let them put together the most awesome thing they can within those parameters.  Our goal at Sisters is to always have the perceived value more than you really spent.

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