Spotlight on a Sister– Shelly

Our focus for this week’s spotlight is Shelly.  Shelly started working for Sisters immediately upon her arrival to St. Louis in 2007.  She enjoyed designing in two different states before moving to Missouri to continue her floral career.  These are Shelly’s thoughts from our recent Q and A:

Q: What is your favorite flower to design with?
A: Tulips!  They are my favorite flower- always.

Q: What attracted you to floral design?
A: When I was a teenager, I became fascinated with plants and flowers- not just the science, but as a way to brighten someone’s day or celebrate.  I respect the amount of time and care if takes to grow them and the type of eye it takes to make them look just as beautiful in an arrangement as they do in nature. 

Q: Where do you look for inspiration?
A: Even though I am not much of a fashionista or an interior designer, I try to pay attention to new color schemes and styles in clothing and home decor.  Those two worlds directly affect the styles and colors that become popular in our trade.

Q:  What avenues do you suggest for narrowing a wedding flower search?
A:  I think that Pinterest can be helpful, when used in a constructive way.  The key is to pin things that speak to you, but also to go back through your boards and weed out some of the ideas that you no longer like.  Don’t be afraid to have more than one board for your wedding.  Have a board just for flowers or just for hairstyles, etc.  This will make your time spent on Pinterest more fruitful when your vendors can easily see what you like.