Spotlight on a Sister– Teresa

Teresa is our next Sister in the blog spotlight.  She is innovative in many different areas, but loves to focus her creativity in floral design.  She has contributed her ideas in the corporate world, but found she flourishes in flowers!  This is what she had to say in our recent interview:

Q: What is you favorite color scheme?
A: Turquoise and coral

Q: What is your favorite flower in the garden?
A: Peony

Q: Where do you look for inspiration?
A: The internet.  The possibilities are endless!

Q: Do you have a favorite style of floral design?
A: Yes.  I like the way a loose and draping bouquet looks; almost like it is freshly picked from the garden.

Q: Who is your favorite designer- floral or otherwise?
A: Lilly Pulitzer!  I love the bright colors and the vibrant floral/beachy themes. It puts a smile on my face.  Every day is a Lilly day!

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