A Wedding Trend We Love- Grounded Floral Arches

A fun trend we get to incorporate into our designs is the grounded floral arch for ceremonies.  This multi-piece floral installation can be used at outdoor or indoor sites & can be tailored to be more rustic or more formal, & every style in between!  This example was for an outdoor ceremony at Silver Oaks Chateau.  The clients wanted their wedding colors & textures added for a gorgeous floral backdrop to the ceremony.  Wedding party & family pictures were also taken in front of the arch.  After the ceremony, the pieces were moved inside to adorn the floor in front of the head table & around the reception room.  What do you think of this ceremony trend?  Drop us a note in the comments!

Images: Ali Brassel Photography

Location: Silver Oaks Chateau

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  1. Love this! What a fun way to do a ceremony!

  2. Wow! Awesome!

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