Lindsay’s Bouquet

This young lady was a great pleasure to work with. Here is Lindsay with her vintage-looking bouquet. It was shades of champagne and antique green with roses, hydrangea, and pearled stephanotis. Thanks to CLC Photography for these awesome shots. Best wishes, Lindsay! You were such a beautiful bride! 🙂

“Ernestine, my bride, I love you so much…”

These were the words spoken by my 90-year-old grandfather last Sunday at 2:30pm. My grandmother and my cousin Sarah were each holding one of his hands. He passed away at 3:05. I am so thankful that he was able to say these words to my ailing grandmother, his wife of over 66 years. He was smart and alert right to the end (he was sitting up in bed reading the Sunday paper that very morning!). As my children and I …